Space and the Make-up of the Universe: Its Role, Its Uses

written under the direction of Lusis Thanatou

   Throughout the ages man has always existed in space. Even before he was able to lift his head from it's gaze at the ground like animals, until that day when his neck craned like a golden goose and saw the stars in the sky, man has understood what it means to be surrounded by space. Man has always knows that space is in between us, and all around, and even within us too, in our bodies and minds.

   Our earliest Greek ancestors refer to this field between things as "aether", a fifth element, the air breathed by the gods. From these ancestral physicists we also know that Aether is also a god itself, the son of Erebus and Nyx. And that Aether is not only a god, but the god between gods and all other things. For as Socrates through Plato tells us in the Timaeus, the demiurge (they say δημιουργός) creates the whole universe in four elements: earth, air, fire, and water which is moving, always moving. But between these elements Socrates knows that there is another element: aether, between the cracks of these elements in motion, space that the great philosopher tells us was the living soul of the whole world.

   As we Greeks receive the Holy Word of God from Israel to follow the word of the Scriptures Of Messiah Christ who emerged and reentered the space between things in only one unaltering instant, new ideas came again to light. As God writes in Ezra 9:8, "And now for a little space grace hath been shewed from the LORD our God, to leave us a remnant to escape." At this time those whose ears could hear understood what is the truth: that the space between elements which is the soul of the world IS GOD and that SPACE IS HEAVEN WHICH IS BETWEEN ALL THINGS and that when we join space to space, heaven to heaven, soul to soul, we do a favor for our creator God and in His gratitude we will be made the remnant to escape from the bondage of this world, from poverty.

   By medieval times science began to show empirically what the ancients knew only of a priori, from their closeness to the beginnings of things. It was discovered that the "aether" contained properties for transmission of anything in the Universe. More recent studies, particularly those of Hendrik Lorentz and his "Theory of Electrons," undoubtedly influenced (though not limited) by the thousand-year work of the Rosicrucian Order on the Aethereal Plane, have in fact shown that these transmission properties can actually control the speed of matter flow. Though "scientists" like M. Albert Einstein have attempted to discount the important properties of "aether" the facts of centuries of research -- those datums uncovered by the men and women who follow the true science -- have proven that the pure air between things is an essential aspect of human life on our earth and even the repository for the fragmentary universal soul.

    My studies on the matter, explained herein, will further illuminate the sheer abundance of this Space, and how human kind might benefit from a particular focus on its properties and possibilities. To begin we start at the beginning, before our method that has been found was lost:


1. First point:

That LIFE is not the space between the death before life and the death after life but that death is the space between LIFE BEFORE DEATH and LIFE AFTER DEATH but that in fact both LIFE and DEATH are a kind of SPACE [God=Space being both death and life] and by shifting this SPACE we transfer life to death and death to life. That the natural state of humankind is eternal life and that enternal life will come (to those who understand) when these spaces are made one and life is joined to life and death is joined to death. As we read in Valentinus Fragment F:

   "From the beginning you have been immortal, and you are children of eternal life. And you wanted death to be allocated to yourselves so that you might spend it and use it up, and that death might die in you and through you. For when you nullify the world and are not yourselves annihilated, you are lord over creation and all corruption."

   So here we look back to the GNOSTICS and we think of a sentence that many people say every day: "How I spend my life." Those who do not know spend their life. Those who know spend their death. These gnostics were not the first but not the last to learn HOW TO SPEND THEIR DEATH. You will see that just as money is spent, just as life is spent until nothing is left, we also can spend our death until nothing is left but life -- and that this can solve our first problem, which is being in THIS WORLD, a pre-requisite to being rich since it is true that "You Can't Take It With You."


2. Second point:

That having defeated death (which methods we will show you in time) and becoming lord over all creation and corruption -- thats mean, lord over all that is good and all that is evil -- is not enough, since the human soul unprepared is unprepared for power over all and can also fall into corruption, just as a stock can fall or a corporate enterprise collapse into bankrupcy. Just as we seek ETERNAL LIFE so we also seek ETERNAL WEALTH. A man that will not be is not a man that is: This is why the Jewish call the Ruler God "I am the one who is" or "I am." Also wealth that will not be is not wealth at all.

   Q. Who is a man that does not know where his money will come from tomorrow? A. A poor man.

   But that to find ETERNAL WEALTH we can not look to those men like JOHN D ROCKEFELLER who know only how to be rich for a short time on their way to the wasting emptiness of the grave. A man who cannot look at the Space Between Life (death) and learn how to spend it away is a man who will never look at the Space Between Ideas (Gobis) -- in this case the Space Between Financial Ideas -- to spend the space between wealth (that is, poverty). That is because just as in spending death we receive life, so in spending poverty we receive wealth.

   This is one of the big shocks of MasterList2000 -- that those who you know are rich ARE NOT RICH. Q. So if the rich are not who they believe themselves to be, who can guide us? A. To find ETERNAL WEALTH we look only to GOD, who sits in the space between our ideas, and guides those who know. For GOD IS THE MORTAR OF HISTORY, a never-failing guide for those who can see Him.

   Here is an example of how GOD will try to guide us, as he did when he warned the AZTEC peoples with the destruction of the Temple of Xiuhtechuhtli in the place Tzonmolco and seven other signs to protect His people from the Spanish like Cortes, etc. Read the first wonder recorded in the CODEX FLORENTINO:

   "Ten years before the Spaniards came to this land, the people saw a strange wonder and took it to be an evil sign and portent. This wonder was a great column of flame which burned in the night, shooting out such brilliant sparks and flashes that it seemed to rain fire on the earth and to blaze like daybreak. It seemed to be fastened against the sky in the shape of a pyramid, its base set against the ground, where it was of vast width, and its bulk narrowing to a peak that reached up and touched the heavens. It appeared at midnight and could still be seen at dawn, but in the daytime it was quelled by the force and brilliance of the sun. This portent burned for a year, beginning in the year which the natives called 12-House--that is, 1517 in our Spanish reckoning."

If the Aztecs could only read the Sign coming from the SPACE BETWEEN.

   If you have ever walked through a forest and heard the birds sing, you may think, "Oh, the birds are very happy today," but your ears do not hear. Because really the birds say, "My bird friend has said there is a hawk beyond the grove" or "I have seen a human walking," warning in words that only those who know can know. Just so, GOD SPEAKS TO US IN THE GOBIS, guiding us how to reach the terminus of mankind's journey: reversion to the natural state of eternal life, eternal riches and all that we desire, return to a kind of GARDEN OF EDEN of modern times so that man completes our full circle -- redeemed from expulsion, joined to the GODHEAD, eternally whole, eternally alive, eternally rich with riches that no man on the terrestrial plane can take away.


3. The third point:

How to tune ourselves to THE SONG OF GOD. That God being only purity, and God inhabiting all space, between all things. That by joining our own soul which is a portion of God to God, we at the same time join base matter to base matter [this must be because God being space, when we take away the space between things, do those things not touch??] and overcoming this unnatural separation, find favor with the Creator God to us so that returning to Earth find He has provided us, as the lilies of the field, with Grace and Money. As the Divine Consort, Queen of Siddhas, Mandarvara, said to Lady Yeshe Tsogyel:

O Sky-dancer, you have mastery of the Tantra;
O shape-shifter, you have dissolved your corporeal impurity in immaculate space;
You drank the nectar of Pema's precepts, gathering essences:
Surely you are the Great Mother of Perfect Wisdom!
You entered the path of seeing the truth of the teaching..."
You repudiated the eight petty preoccupations of this life;
You performed the austerity of extracting and consuming essences,
And reduced the universe and its energy to sameness...
You have established the Buddha's teaching,
Destroying Bonpos of demonic form and distorted vision:
May I be one with you, Mistress of Powerful Magic.
Hereafter, purity suffusing the sphere of purity,
In your field of lotus-light,
You and I will project emanations of Buddha's karma
As light-forms of Guru Pema Skull-Garland's compassion:
May we empty the depths of the three realms of samsara."

   So let us also learn to dissolve our corporeal impurity entering immaculate space, suffusing purity with purity and soul to soul, and spending the depths of samsara until nothing there remains for us.


4. The fourth point:

And now we will turn to back to modern science, which has shown us that the BIG BANG, the first destructive creator of SPACE is what has first DISORDERED the universe and made God who once held all of the whole Universe within His Great Hands -- in fact WITHIN Him -- DISPERSED into the Aethereal Plane and in the Aether between all matter and ideas. So that the big bang is not only a SCATTERING OF MATTER but a DISINTEGRATION OF THE GODHEAD. And so now you will understand how God came to be IN BETWEEN THINGS and God being the fount of virtue and all that is profitable. You have heard that GOD IS MAN WRIT LARGE and it is true: so you should please think about this. If you were scattered in more than trillions of pieces between all things, disordered from your natural state of wholeness, would you not want part returned to part, space to space? If your Creation was no longer in your womb, protected, but that EVIL AND POVERTY WAS LOOSE within your living child, would you not want stasis restored? So the Garden of Eden is two: one is the Eden of Man, with wealth and riches. The other is the Eden of God, in which the wholeness of God once again subsumes all of Creation and THERE IS NO EVIL [poverty being a kind of evil] BECAUSE THERE IS NO EVIL IN GOD. But this time will come slowly, piece by piece. And that is one reason that MasterList will never make you feel guilty for your riches: because IN YOUR RICHES IS ONE PIECE IN GOD'S LONG-SOUGHT RESTORATION.

   Now we will outline briefly HOW. The first thing to know is that in knowing we first approach the gobis, being the space between our knowledge. And we show our appreciation of ONLY THE EXISTENCE IF NOT THE NATURE of that space by simply arranging our PRIVATE HOME OFFICES to show our understanding of the space between spaces:

   THE ANTE-CHAMBER: Always guarded. Only those who see may enter the chamber.

   THE CHAMBER: Encompasses all the most sacred space.

   THE SANCTUM SANCTORUM: Metaphysical: this santcum exists mainly on the Aetheral Plane and need not be identified or marked in a certain place.

   THE "HEAD": To the North.

   THE "FOOT": To the South.

   "THE HANDS": To the "East" and "West".

   THE SHEKINAH: The fifth point of the METAPHYSICAL OFFICE SPACE OF THE CHAMBER where the concentration of space is the greatest. The emptiness of the Shekinah -- representing the soul of the Oversoul and in fact the heart of the HOME OFFICE -- must be symbolically complete.

   THE GOBIS FIRE: This fire is always burning, representing the destruction of artificial boundaries like the boundaires between matter and not-matter. The fire burns not truly but in emptiness so that not fire but the CONCEPT OF FIRE must be placed eternally in the SHEKINAH for all who see to sense (not see).

   The secret knowledge of MasterList can not be revealed in print or on the information nets. The secret knowledge of MasterList, passed down from before history, even before mankind, is a dangerous power that can never be revealed to those not prepared. Imagine the corruptible flesh of a man with eyes and ears closed falling into power over death and eternal wealth, who HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD yet remained SELFISH and DESTRUCTIVE. If even to look on the face of God is death, so imagine this unworthy man who sees into His heart and knows all His whole will. The ravages.