ARTSTDIO 377/477 Assignments

Assignment 1


Using text from our McLuhan reading as reference, you will create a short video. The video will include footage shot during and outside of class. Create a title to use in your video that has a selection from "The Medium is the Massage." Then, using one of the department cameras or any camera you can get your hands on, you will shoot video to use in a montage that reflects the concept presented in your text/titles. Using your developing skills in video editing, you will create an version of the text/title with a montage editing strategy. Consider the content of your text selection and the reading as a whole in relation to how it is presented visually. Consider timing and pacing of sequence. Consider the potential for creative and/or expressive approaches to editing that montage offers. This assignment is meant as a way to practice multiple aspects of the production of a digital video from start to finish. Focus your attention on video shooting, lighting, audio, and montage editing.

Demonstration Video