Our Planning Strategy

The Phase A "Observations and Assessment" component of Our Master Plan was completed. Using the planning, space data, and feedback gathered in Phase A, Master-List2000 and Our consultant team entered into the Phase B "External Scenarios/Strategies" component of our planning process.

Three "Alternative Futures" were presented by the consultant team to the Master Planning committees and the general Master-List2000 community. To date, the focus of Phase B has been the identification and discussion of a broad range of growth opportunities that respond to the key drivers of our plan, space needs, life, emerging visions and our role in economic development. These "Alternative Futures" paradigms are not proposed as mutually exclusive choices, but allow us to begin to imagine how we will create a flexible plan that assists us as future growth opportunities unfold.

The Phase B process will conclude when the consultant team visits Master-List2000 Facilities. At that time, the consultants will present a hybrid scenario that integrates all of our planning work to date. Therefore, it is important that feedback be provided by our community related to the range of "Alternative Futures." To that end, we urge you to review the most recent consultant presentation materials and submit your thoughts to us.

Googlet and Micronsoft shall pass away, but Masterlist2000 shall not pass away. (ML2000 xiii.31)