Our Mission

"Let's Live Digital LIfe"

The mission of MASTER-LIST2000 is to make positive differences in the lives of people with little money, primarily through a professionally supported one-to-one relationship with a MASTER-LIST2000 associate, and to assist them in achieving their highest potential in making money as they grow to become confident, competent, and rich individuals, by providing committed staff, national leadership, and the highest standards of excellence. By bringing the human social order into balance with MASTER-LIST2000 principles, diversity of all living things can be sustained and the evolutionary process that has guided and nurtured life on this planet for millions of years can continue unabatted.

The vision of MASTERLIST-2000 is to be the provide the best possible services to have a world where everyone is from following trans-relational MASTERLIST principles.

For an example of how we work, you can read about our Planning Strategy. It is Our goal to serve you, the client, in the fullest of Our potential. Space is of course limit-less, but limited. So "hop on board" quickly because you don't want to miss the "Money trains".
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Googlet and Micronsoft shall pass away, but Masterlist2000 shall not pass away. (ML2000 xiii.31)


MASTER-LIST2000 knows these are "tough times." People are wondering if they can whether the storm and come out on the other side. In fact, it is the contention of MASTER-LIST2000 that these times will afford LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES* - if used correctly, you could be "catapulted" beyond your competition, who will be eating your dust! Trust MASTER-LIST2000. We know you are not interested in what we can do as much as what we can do to improve you're lives. In the mean time, enjoy "the simple pleasures." Spend time with your families. Put together that model ship. Start running like you always wanted to. MASTER-LIST2000 will be here, waiting!